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Hello and welcome to STAKEHOUSE
A trustless self directed HEX staking protocol designed to save users from exorbitant gas fees on Ethereum. Participate in the "Bigger Pays Better" bonus and earn a share of the HEDRON each pool generates. The protocol will also be running on PulseChain which will future proof against any congestion that may occur. Today, we're excited to introduce a solution to a common problem facing many HEX stakers on Ethereum. We are dedicated to levelling the playing field for HEXicans.
Staking HEX on Ethereum is a fantastic way to earn high yield, but the high gas fees and ETH price often make it difficult for small stakers to participate. In many cases, the cost of unstaking is greater than the yield received, causing many participants to worry about the future transaction fees and ETH price. This is where STAKEHOUSE steps in to make HEX staking accessible to everyone.
STAKEHOUSE is a fully configurable trustless HEX staking protocol. By collaborating with fellow Hexicans and pooling stakes, you can split the gas fees, making it more affordable for everyone to participate in the staking process. Additionally, by having a larger pool, everyone benefits from the Bigger Pays Better Bonus. STAKEHOUSE is trustless, with no middleman and no admin keys, giving everyone peace of mind.
Other use Cases
If someone new to HEX is interested, anyone can create a self directed pool, it will be posted on the STAKEHOUSE website and Twitter. You can retweet and invite the community to join. This is a great introduction to the HEX community and helps to decrease gas costs and increase the Bigger Pays Better bonus for all.
Staking Ladder
For those who have heard about staking ladders but don't have enough HEX to start, STAKEHOUSE pools can be used to create a new rung on the ladder. This helps to teach new community members about the power of staking ladders within HEX. Prominent community members can teach this strategy.
By working together with smaller HEX holders, whales can max out the 150 million HEX Bigger Pays Better bonus. This is a win-win for everyone involved.
Users can start a self directed HEX pool for a charity and invite the community to help support a positive cause.
Call to Action
We believe that HEX on Ethereum is far from dead, and STAKEHOUSE is doing its part to make sure HEX staking is accessible to everyone. Join us in our mission to #HEXTOGETHER and start staking HEX today with STAKEHOUSE. STAKEHOUSE allows users to stake HEX in a infinite amount of pools and save on end staking gas fees. The more users in a pool the more you save! It's that simple... Due to the competitive nature within the community, we are not releasing our IP at this time! Feel free to check out the streams section and or come and ask questions in Twitter Spaces or Telegram. No admin keys, no counterpart risk, no middleman D, just you and the contract.