BEAN Tokenomics & Dex's/LP's

#BEAN Contract - 0xd7407BD3E6aD1BAAE0ba9eaFD1Ec41bFE63907B2

$BEAN will be required to reduce fee's on Bistro & exclusive privileges to certain NFT's

$BEAN is an incentive token awarded to those who participate in staking the Liquid Loans $LOAN token via Barista.

BEANS Token Information Total Supply at the end of the emissions schedule - 369,369,369,369

50% Community via Barista/Loan Staking (emissions half every year)

20% Community via various Airdrops

12% Team & Contributors

10% to MCR369 stakers in the Buffett (Dripped over the first 6 months!)

8% LP Spread over various platforms and at various schedules

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