#MCR369 Token Contract for MAINNET - 0X7ff1c0e8c968a8ddc1f25e3d891562ea549ee32e

You can click the logo within the staking section of the dApp to automagically add token to your wallet... (See image below)

MCR369 Token Information - 369,369,369 | Total Supply - 121,277,095.58 | Air Dropped to sacrificers - 20% Protocol owned (Stake & Unstake ONLY) Like an OA! Can change dynamics of the pool. - 30% for Bootstrapping future dApps, Incentives & Bribes - Balance of supply for LP's on various Dex's - More details shortly 🤝 🪄 *Important information - The $MCR369 is a multichain token! It is native to #PulseChain however it can be bridged to #Ethereum! The wrapped version can be used on Buffet on the #ETH side once it is launched on that blockchain. It will ONLY launch on #ETH once StakeHouse goes live!

Due to the total supply being minted natively on #PulseChain if you sacrifice for the right to eat what you want, then you may get a free airdrop in the future x2!

LP Information

9mm V3 - https://v3.9mm.pro/info/v3/pairs/0x1e2e4ab03e72aee6d4518896843dc82e889ee45e

PulseX V2 - https://pulsex.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/bafybeidea3ibq4lu5t6vk6ihp4iuznjb3ltsdm5y2shv4atxgyd3d33aim/?#/?inputCurrency=0x7ff1c0e8c968a8ddc1f25e3d891562ea549ee32e&outputCurrency=0xa1077a294dde1b09bb078844df40758a5d0f9a27

PHUX - https://phux.io/#/pulse/pool/0xd38126cc857d7f64a3c8d7e21cb23383fe3ace7700020000000000000000033f

Testnet $MCR369 Token Address - 0x17FC5D5E043b0F8F09fC844ecEa3ef9dc7247A07

PulseX Testnet V1 Pool - https://pulsex.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/bafybeidea3ibq4lu5t6vk6ihp4iuznjb3ltsdm5y2shv4atxgyd3d33aim/#/?outputCurrency=0x17FC5D5E043b0F8F09fC844ecEa3ef9dc7247A07

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