** MAIN-NET - OFFICIAL $BEAN By Barista token contract address - 0xd7407bd3e6ad1baae0ba9eafd1ec41bfe63907b2

What is Barista?
Barista is a fork of B.Protocol from Ethereum & Liquid Loans is a fork of Liquity. Barista’s integration with Liquid Loans allows users to automatically rebalance their positions in the Liquid Loans Stability Pool when liquidations occur. Please note Barista is a complete frontend for Liquid Loans. Barista was built for PulseChain, bringing further strength and stability to the Liquid Loans stability pool.
B.Protocol is a DeFi Economic Risk Mitigation Hub. B.Protocol was founded in mid-2020 with the vision to enable safety growth for the DeFi ecosystem. As a first step B.Protocol launched a Backstop liquidity protocol to allow a robust, capital-efficient liquidation engine. The protocol launched its v2 in mid-2021 enabling anyone to participate in DeFi's lucrative liquidation processes with its Backstop Automated Market Maker (BAMM) - providing over $300m of liquidity to backstop supported lending platforms.
Barista Yield Details
  • Stake USDL and earn PLS & LOAN
  • Stake LOAN and earn PLS, USDL & BEAN ( *Note - BEAN is ONLY available via the Barista protocol or PulseX currently! ).
Barista's integration with Liquid Loans and is designed to make managing your Liquid Loans Stability Pool position more automated and efficient. It helps ensure that your deposited USDL is optimally managed in response to liquidations.
Important Note about Staking $USDL in the Barista Stability Pool There are existing PLS and Loan gains in the Barista system. Whenever a new deposit happens in the protocol the system calculates the relative share and assigns the corresponding amount of PLS and Loan gains. So when someone deposits the USDL they should use the below calculation to check their claims.
(PLS * priceOfPlsGain) + (USDL * $1) + (price of Loan * LoanGains) = initalUSDLDeposit * 1$
In the current scenario, if your deposit is 100 USDL your deposit becomes 82.95 and 10.91 PLS
= 82.95 + (10.91 * 1.561334) + (0.025615 * 0.1891791) = $100 equivalent to your deposit.
You can always claim any $PLS in Liquidation Gains manually by unstaking $USDL from Stability Pool. On mainnet as there will be arb bots keeping $USDL close or pegged to $1, the auto rebalancing will happen more often than not in real time! Therefore most of the $PLS in Liquidation Gains should be close to zero as it has been auto rebalanced into $USDL
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