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Welcome to Magic Carpet Ride

About Us
Magic Carpet Ride started in 2021, right after the Pulsechain sacrifice. Our goal is to educate community members on security practices and defi protocols that would aid the growth of the Richard Heart ecosystem. MCR then assisted with the organization of community pools for the sacrifice phase of many projects that will be market leaders on Pulsechain. MCR Community has grown over the years and we appreciate you.
Now Magic Carpet Ride is throwing it’s hat in the ring of protocols. Barista, STAKEHOUSE and Bistro are aimed at solving issues that exist for everyone. ALL projects will support MCR369, a passive revenue generating token. Please join MCR on this Magic Carpet Ride. The MCR Team isn’t hard to find. You have seen us on our YouTube channel or streaming with others in the community. Team members are perennial contributors in Twitter Spaces and Telegram rooms. If you attend conventions or meetups, you have seen our face, shaken our hand, and may have been offered a nice cigar.
This is just the beginning
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