MCR369 Buffett

What is MCR369 Buffett? Stake the $MCR369 token and earn your percentage of the staking pool in yield generated from our suite of products under Magic Carpet Ride. MCR369 can add additional whitelisted tokens in the future. MCR369 is completely decentralized with zero counterparty risk.
The yield will be in the following assets and can be added to in the future - - Barista - ($USDL - Stable Coin & ($BEAN 10% of total supply dripped in the first 6 months!) Barista generates fee's in $USDL every time the protocol performs the auto rebalance of the stability pool. - STAKEHOUSE - (ETH, HEX, and HDRN on Ethereum and PLS, HEX, and HDRN on PulseChain.) (There maybe a bootstrapping period at the beginning 🤔)
STAKEHOUSE Yield Details
  • Staking and unstaking fees from the STAKEHOUSE generate fee's in ETH or PLS depending on which blockchain you stake the $MCR369 token. You may choose to stake on both blockchains or all on one blockchain!
  • You may receive Hedron.
  • You may also receive unclaimed HEX from the bleed out function emulated from HEX smart contract.
- Bistro - (Fee's generated from OTC deals)